How quickly can I get a credit card?

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How quickly can I get a credit card? Important info

Get a credit card quickly. This process, nowadays, one the most important matters while appealing a credit card. How quickly can I get a credit card? The answer of this vital question may change from bank to bank and from country to country. However there are still main items that will definitely work for a fast approve for credit card appeal. Do you wonder the details and still ask how can I get a credit card fastly within a week? Then here our credit card review article below.

To apply for a credit card in just 5 steps
Credit cards offer cashless payment and more. How to apply for a credit card and what requirements you must meet, read here.
Credit cards are not available free to everyone. Interested parties must meet certain requirements for providers to allow them for a credit card. Basically, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

*Age limit: 18 years
*Residential address document
*Positive credit rating or no negative Fico entries
*In addition, individual credit cards can individually demand additional requirements to apply.
Special case prepaid credit card: prepaid credit cards are an exception to this. As they usually do not offer their own credit facilities and are based on credit, some offers are also available for minors (child credit cards). In general, no Fico query is necessary. Thus, persons with irregular or no income can also apply for a prepaid credit card without Fico.

How quickly can I get a credit card? Tips and advices for appeal credit card

Apply for credit card: That’s how it works
Step 1: Carry out credit card comparison
Credit cards are available in various designs, long cards are no longer just for withdrawing cash or paying cashless. For some credit cards an annual fee is payable, others, so-called free credit cards, in turn, renounce entirely on it. Service packages and conditions are available in a wide variety of combinations – it is difficult to keep track of them. Before applying for a credit card, it makes sense to make a credit card comparison. Such a comparison helps to find the right payment card.
Step 2: Online or in the store?
Credit cards can usually be requested from the comfort of their own home via the internet. In the credit card comparison of cardscout, interested parties can reach the corresponding online form of the credit card provider directly by clicking on “Apply for card”. Of course, credit cards can also be applied for in a local bank in conversation with an employee – provided that the provider is not an online bank. These usually have no branch. In both cases, applying for a credit card is uncomplicated and free.
Step 3: Fill out the application form
To apply for a credit card, you must first complete an application form. The following personal data are usually requested:
*Date of birth
*Job-related situation
*Information on the living and housing situation
*Possibly, further account connections

How quickly can I get a credit card? Review and information

Step 4: Legitimization Check
After the credit card provider has checked the card application, the applicant must continue to pass a legitimacy check. This means that the identity of the applicant must be confirmed. There are several options for this.
In the store: If interested parties fill out the credit card application in a branch of the provider, so usually checks an employee’s identity directly on the spot. Applicants must carry a valid identification document with them. An identity card is the safest option, in some cases a passport can suffice.
PostIdent procedure: When applying for a credit card over the internet, providers usually apply the PostIdent procedure for the legitimacy check. For this purpose, applicants print out the completed card application, sign it and then bring it to the application office in your country. There, an employee then checks – again using a valid ID document – the identity of the applicant. He then notes the confirmation of identity on the PostIdent coupon enclosed with the application form.
VideoIdent process: More and more credit card providers are also providing the VideoIdent process. Here, the legitimacy test can be performed from home. For a video call to the credit card provider, applicants must keep the valid ID document in the webcam. The applicant can be identified by comparing the data of the identity document and the person. Subsequently, applicants receive an ID code sent to their mobile phone. Entering the code completes the legitimation.

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