Things to be careful about during apply for car loan!

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Having a car is one of the biggest dreams of almost every person. Also, today the average age of owning a car is gradually decreasing. People just want to have cars in the first quarter of their lives. Therefore, not having a high level of accumulation is becoming a problem at this point. Today, banks offer various car loans, allowing individuals without financial accumulation to own vehicles much more quickly and easily. Moreover, thanks to customizable policies, customers of banks can determine the interest and maturity rates of their own loans. People pay their debts to the bank in small sums after buying the car in the easiest and fastest way. This situation causes an acceleration of car buying and selling process. Of course, there are important details about how to apply for car loan.

How To Do Car Loan Application?

Here are the pieces of information about how you should do your auto loan application:

  1. When you want to get a car loan in order to own a car, you have to choose from many banks or credit institutions offering loans in that area. The credit policy of each bank is different from the other. It is extremely important to have information about the loan price offered by the banks, the credit score requested and the interest and maturity rates offered. If you do not research on these issues, you can reach an agreement with a bank whose offer is not at all advantageous and you may regret this situation. In short, keep in mind that before you have a car loan or before you start the application process, you should do a market scan in general.
  2. Then check if the institution you decided to apply for has an online pre-application system. Pre-application systems allow you to shorten your waiting time when you go to the physical branch of the bank. You should also choose pre-application options to allow the bank to offer you more advantageous loan offers.
  3. If you have completed the car loan pre-application and the bank has accepted your application, you can receive a mail, text message or a call about it. You must complete your application as soon as possible with the necessary documents in line with the return you receive from the bank. A document that registers your monthly fixed income and a document showing detailed results of your credit score are the most important documents. If you want to examine the documents required for car loan in more detail, you can look at the relevant sections in our other contents.
  4. After all these processes are completed, the only thing that needs to be done for you is to get the guarantee. Do not forget to examine in detail the interest and maturity rates offered to you within the scope of your car loan contract.


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