Why is a black broker dangerous?

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A black broker is a person who provides intermediary services between a lender and a borrower, and such services are performed in violation of current legislation. There are situations when it is difficult for a person to get a bank loan for any reason, and then they resort to the services of an intermediary.

Sometimes such actions are performed deliberately, and sometimes a person simply becomes a victim of fraud. It is not easy to understand whether the broker is really ready to provide you with qualified assistance, or whether they want to earn on your trust.

How do I recognize a black broker?

The main reasons why people seek help from an intermediary are not so many. This is most often due to bad credit history or low solvency. Yes, indeed, a regular broker can help in such cases, since they are familiar with the market of credit services and can find a suitable offer for you for some remuneration.

Black brokers use illegal methods of work, they will offer you to forge documents and provide false information about you and your income, they blackmail or bribe bank employees (and it is worth noting that this is all at your expense), and they can also use fake persons to issue guarantees. All this is a reason for the creditor to go to court, and you will be the responsible party in this case because you gave permission to carry out these actions.

How do you distinguish a black broker from a regular one? A black broker usually charges between 10% and 20% of the loan amount for their services, when a regular broker is content with 3% or 7%. Ads of such a broker differ in too tempting offers, and only a mobile phone or e-mail is specified from the contact information. Black brokers often do not have a permanent office, and your communication will take place on the street or even by email, they do not tell you until the last moment who will become your lender and refuse to sign a contract for the provision of services, as well as submit documents to the bank with you.

What is dangerous about a black broker?

The most tragic thing that can happen after a black broker provides intermediary services is that you will be deprived of your liberty for fraud. Agree, an uninspiring prospect. If the lender detects the forgery of documents, it will have to take measures to protect itself. In this case, it will be difficult for you to prove that you are a victim of illegal actions of the broker, and not a fraudster yourself.

You will certainly not prove to anyone that you were deceived, and the signature on the documents is fake. Also, you will certainly never prove to anyone that you were deceived, that your signature and documents are fake. Therefore, you should immediately decide how important it is for you to get a loan from a bank; there may be other ways out of the financial crisis.

Therefore, you can get your own funds directly from the seller of the loan, although you will have to make a little more effort. And if the bank refuses you a loan, it is because you, as a potential borrower, may actually have problems returning the money. Perhaps you shouldn’t make such a commitment right now.

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